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    A personalized approach to managing anemia.


More Power to Be Well

MyBloodHealth® is more than routine lab work. It’s a comprehensive assessment that takes your total health picture into account.

1) My Blood Sample

It starts with your blood test results and a simple questionnaire

2) My Analysis

Your information is analyzed using our patented program for a more in-depth understanding of your health

3) My Personalized Plan

We customize a variety of treatment options to create a plan specifically for you

4) My Follow Up

We call you to make sure your treatment is working and help modify your plan to make sure you’re feeling your best

You could have anemia and not even know it.

Fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, trouble concentrating, restless legs and even insomnia are symptoms of anemia. Discovering the underlying causes of your condition is vital to your wellness.

Start feeling better faster.

Even mild anemia can affect your health and slow your life or recovery from surgery. In 15 minutes you can be on your way to better health.

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Kathrine Frey, MD

Blood and Anemia Management Expert

MyBloodHealth was developed by Dr. Kathrine Frey, a nationally recognized expert on patient blood and anemia management.

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How you treat anemia matters.

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