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    Addressing anemia in a new way can improve health outcomes.

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MyBloodHealth® is a completely outsourced service that can help you manage anemia simply and more effectively.

Our personalized approach uses patented technology to analyze labs, medical history and additional data to gain a better understanding of each patient’s circumstance. We customize treatment options to create a plan specific to each patient’s needs and then we follow up to ensure it’s working.

We focus on anemia management so you can focus on your patient’s primary problem.

Individualized treatment plans optimize health outcomes for patients with chronic anemia and those at risk for anemia due to elective surgery

MyBloodHealth can help avoid surgical complications, reduce the length of hospital stays, eliminate the need for extra medical visits and lower readmission rates

From assessment and treatment plan through follow up, we keep you and your patient informed every step of the way

In joint replacement surgery, transfusion rates can top 30%. Patients using MyBloodHealth show transfusion rates of less than 3%, with nearly 100% of blood used appropriately

MyBloodHealth simplifies anemia management so you and your staff can focus on your patient’s primary condition.

It just takes a minute to give your patient the best in care. You will need your patient’s insurance information. Need help? Give us a call at 612-224-9913.

Even mild anemia in surgical patients, especially those with comorbid diseases, can lead to adverse outcomes and may even be life-threatening.

—Kathrine Frey, MD, Blood and Anemia Management Expert, Founder of MyBloodHealth